Monday, January 22, 2007

repurposing an old tee

I turned this old t-shirt

into this:

I used a 14" pillow form, orange piping and a zipper (plus my seam ripper). I had originally planned to make the pillow larger (16"), but the print on the shirt was too close to the neckline. The stretchy knit of the t-shirt made this project take longer than expected. Under the flower reads "you are my sunshine."


FinnyKnits said...

EEK! This is the best repurposing I've seen in a long time! That makes a PERFECT pillow. And not only because I love orange.

Wow! Nice job!

Hey, how'd you do the orange piping?

Wicked cute, doll.

Joy Morykon said...

I love the pillow! it looks great! great work! Love the orange on brown super cute!