Thursday, March 15, 2007

Fat Quarter Challenge

Are you up for a challenge?

Join the Fat Quarter Challenge.

The object of this challenge is to see how many things you can make using one fat quarter (or an equivalent size piece of fabric, 18 x 22"). You will have one month to complete this challenge. All projects must be completed by April 15, 2007. At the end of the challenge, there will be a giveaway. It will be random. Everyone who participates will have her (or his) name entered into the drawing.

Are you interested? If so, leave a comment or email us. Lori even set up a flickr group for the occasion. And there's a button for your sidebar.


Here's a sampling of what I've made from one fat quarter:

Thursday, March 08, 2007

bib and burp cloth

Matching bib (Simplicity 5374) and burp cloth. The cotton matches the ribbon blankie/taggie, the back is baby blue chenille, and it is sandwiched with a layer of cotton batting.

ribbon blankie / taggie

A ribbon blankie or a taggie. This blankie has all kinds of ribbons sewn between the layers so the baby can chew on them. Some are satin, some are grosgrain. The front of the blanket is a soft, stretchy, minky-type fabric, which I embroidered with the recipient's name. The back is cotton and it is sandwiched with a layer of cotton batting.

The next time I make this, I will also use cotton twill tape with the ribbons.

baby bib

A simple baby bib (Simplicity 5374) using leftover fabric from my skirt. I decided to add a touch of red, so I machine embroidered an "S" for Sawyer. The back is white chenille and there is a layer of cotton batting in between for extra absorbency. The snap is kind of pearly.

bingo prizes

6 tissue pouches and 4 zippered pouches/wristlets which were donated to a local nursing home for their bingo prizes (through a church service project).

tote and matching tissue pouch

A tote and matching tissue pouch made from Marcus Brothers Storybook Garden Collection Little Red Riding Hood. It is embellished with red rickrack. The handles are 1 1/2 -2" cotton webbing/belting.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

dish towel apron

A personalized dish towel apron for my niece, using this tutorial. It's a Martha Stewart kitchen towel, which is very heavy and sturdy.

tote and tissue pouch gift set

Personalized for a beloved niece (Alana) for her 10th birthday. Sewn from unbleached cotton with a patchworked floral thrifted sheet. The handles are 1 1/2 - 2" cotton webbing/belting.

diaper & wipe carrier

A diaper and wipe carrying case from this free pattern. The pattern was quick and easy. I used a ribbon and vintage button closure instead of the velcro they used. I plan to make more in the future, but I will make it a little wider next time. It's a little tight for the wipes that we use. (Two in diapers = large wipe container.)


Another Simplicity 5505 skirt. It's so easy. I can't stop myself from making these. For less than $10 and under 40 minutes, I can have a new skirt. This one is hemmed in red bias tape.

micro-bead pillow with case

A white satin micro-bead pillow with a Alexander Henry Bangle Dots pillowcase. I found the bag of micro-beads at Walmart. They were a pain to work with because they were very static-y and made a giant mess. At first I overfilled the pillow and had to take some beads out. That was another mess.

rocking chair seat cover

A zippered, washable seat cover for our family-heirloom rocking chair. The pad is sewn from wide-wale brown corduroy and Alexander Henry's Kleo in chocolate brown and Bangle Dots fabrics with Bangle Dots ties. Used a pre-cut chair pad from the fabric store as the insert.

puppet theatre

A doorway puppet theatre, made from blue duckcloth. It is supported by two curtain tension rods (one at the top and one below the window's opening). The rods are stuck through sewn casings on the back. Embellished with red and white striped "curtains."

snowmen feet

Old 2004 version:
New 2007 version:

And a closeup:

Blue duckcloth with white, craft paint footprints of each of my children. They have brown "stick" arms; an orange "carrot" nose; and black "coal" eyes, mouth, and buttons all in three-dimensional fabric paint. There are sparkly, iridescent puffy snowflakes in the sky. And at the top there is a sewn pocket casing for a wooden dowel rod and ribbon for hanging.