Friday, December 01, 2006

stocking garland

Advent Christmas Stocking Garland. 25 miniature, flannel stockings "hung by the chimney with care," each with a candy-cane striped ribbon for hanging. Strung on natural-color cotton cording. Each stocking will be stuffed with "advent-type" activities, candies, small toys, etc.

autumn bag

A bag sewn from 1 1/2 fat quarters and leftover brown corduroy. Used Amy Butler's In Town pattern. Closes with a brown, vintage button. Has small matching inner pocket. (Interfaced the outer fabric and pocket.)

a Christmas tote

A Christmas tote. Simple tote pattern, lined in white muslin, with matching inner pocket. I bought the Christmas fabric over the summer for about $1 a yard.

baby shoes

Little cloth baby shoes from this free pattern. They are lined with soft, baby-blue flannel. The pattern calls for bonded fleece/suede. I bought some, but it was funky red with black paisley. I couldn't find any fabric to 'match' it from my stash, so I used the polka dots for the bottom and the flannel for the sole lining. Embellished with a baby blue button. (Uses very little fabric.)

Note: If not using the bonded fleece, put sole and sole lining wrong sides together. When pinning (and sewing) the sole lining will be down and the "outer" sole will be face up (right side up). And I used interfacing on all pieces.

baby things

Two sets of flannel/chenille bibs and burpcloths. The zebras for my cousin's new baby (with a personalized, flannel receiving blanket) and the cowboys for my new baby. The bibs are from Simplicity 5374. It was in the package with the dress pattern I made for Spenser last year. Fastened with a snap.

Friday, November 03, 2006

receiving blanket

Machine embroidery on a store-bought flannel receiving blanket.

burp cloths

Simple rectangle burp cloths sewn from flannel and white chenille.

girly bitty booties

Girly Bitty Booties for a little friend. Sewn from purple wool felt and embellished with lavender chenille rickrack and blanket stitch.

a crown

A birthday crown for a princess. This two-toned crown has heavy (crafting-type) iron-on interfacing on both front and back pieces. Used a small saucer to form the arcs.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

corduroy skirt

A brown corduroy skirt sewn from Simplicity 5505. Sewed using French seams.

Friday, September 29, 2006

announcement bunting

Another bunting (banner/flag) to announce the arrival of our new baby. It was made to be hung outdoors, but in spite of recent, national baby-nappings and other tragedies, we decided to hang it in our house.
This was made slightly larger than the last one. Appliqued the letters with Wonder Under and then sewed around letters to make sure they stayed. Made from flannel (old receiving blankets) and double-wide bias tape. And it was backed with heavy drapery lining.
Please note: Until things calm down with baby #6, there will be few sewing-project updates. But, please check back!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

appliqued onesies

Appliqued using Pellon's Wonder Under. Sewed around edges with zigzag (machine) stitch to prevent raveling. (The top right are puzzle pieces.)

baby blanket

Just a little machine embroidery on a store-bought flannel receiving blanket for my new baby. Whenever he decides to make his appearance. (He's already 5 days late!)

Monday, September 11, 2006

baby "bunting" or banner

A baby "bunting" or banner for a boy baby. Each triangle measures approximately 8" x 10.5" (finished size), with approximately a 3" space between each. Strung with double-fold bias tape. Backed with heavy, white drapery backing. No interfacing necessary.

pleated pillowcase tote

Sewn from a thrifted pillowcase. One pleat on each side of the (vintage) button closure on front and back. Lined with unbleached muslin. Wide cotton webbing (belting) used for handles. Lined with heavy fusible interfacing.

pillowcase skirt

Sewn from a thrifted pillowcase following these instructions. Super simple.

pj bottoms

Full-length pj bottoms sewn from a thrifted sheet.

skirt #2

A skirt sewn from Simplicity 5505. It was made from a thrifted sheet, and trimmed in orange bias tape and fuschia ribbon.


A skirt sewn from Simplicity 5505. Made from thrifted sheet and hemmed in light pink bias tape.

bitty booties

Made from this pattern. Sewn from wool felt (robin's egg blue and navy). The light blue booties have embroidered sailboats. The navy booties have light blue "x's." Both have hand blanket-stitch detail at the top. Both are size 0-3 months and are tiny, tiny, tiny.

toddler-sized tote

A child-sized tote with embroidered name "Kallie" for a little friend's 3rd birthday. Lined with white muslin.

Monday, August 28, 2006

crocheted "lunch money" purse

Small crocheted "lunch money" purse for Spenser. It's just her size. From this free pattern.

green felted clutch

Small, green and felted. That describes this little clutch. It's fairly small except the large flower on the top. (Maybe a little too large?) I used this free pattern. (This was my first attempt at felting and "sewing" together a crocheted project.) The finished bag is approximately 4" x 6.25".

crocheted bib

Crocheted in sage green crochet thread. It is from this free pattern. It's a little large and, thus, heavy. Ties in the back with a white ribbon.

party favor drawstring bags

Embroidered drawstring bags for Mason's 4th birthday party. Eleven in all. (Stuffed with colored pencils, crayons, small writing table, chips, and a fruit roll-up.) Lined in muslin.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

2 more wee bibs

Two more wee bibs for my wee babe (due in less than 5 weeks). Crocheted from this free pattern. Both have a vintage button closure.
It's hard to see, but the ecru bib is edged in the same ecru crochet thread and has 1/4" wide white ribbon running through it. The blue bib is edged in white and has 1/8" wide white ribbon.
Used crochet thread for both and (I think) a size 2 steel hook.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

re-vamped skirt

This one-time maternity skirt has been turned into a regular skirt. Removed the white stretch knit panel and sewed casing for elastic.


A few embroidered Stitchettes on white muslin. In the "traditional"-style redwork and bluework (also called "redwork in blue"). Used split stitch.

wristlet swap

A personalized wristlet for my swap partner.

And a tote, tissue pouch and patchwork bookmarker.

summer scarf

A summery, crocheted scarf from this free pattern. Crocheted in ecru crochet thread, using size 2 steel hook. Finished length is 2 3/4" x 81 1/4".

Saturday, August 05, 2006

wee mittens

Crocheted wee mittens for my wee babe (to be born mid-September).

wee bib

Crocheted (not sewn) from this free, vintage pattern. However, I did have to sew the ribbon in place. Used vintage button for closure.
My husband has been traveling a lot, so I've been crocheting at night to keep busy after the children are in bed, hence not a lot of sewing going on. More bibs to come...

personalized tote

A simple tote for a friend's birthday with machine-embroidered name.

Interfaced exterior, white muslin lining, with white cotton webbing (belting) for handle.

tissue pouches and card

A machine-embroidered, 93rd birthday card (which held money) and yellow tissue pouch for my grandmother. A brown tissue pouch for a friend (who requested it).

Friday, July 28, 2006

tote and tissue pouch

same tote pattern. same tissue pouch. same fabric as these.

drawstring bags

2 little drawstring bags for 2 little boys.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

purse organizer

A purse organizer using the basics from this tutorial and a matching tissue pouch. Sewn from fabric, sandwiched with a layer of heavy interfacing for sturdiness. The overall finished dimensions of the organizer are approximately: 25" long, 4" back piece, and 3" front piece (which was actually just one piece folded over). I chose not to use a coordinating fabric. This was a gift.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

tissue pouches

I needed two quick, last-minute gifts. Tissue pouches to the rescue!

skirt #3

Sewn from Simplicity pattern 5505 (view B, I think) with elastic waist. I made this skirt large enough to (hopefully) wear home from the hospital after I have the baby. Made from thrifted sheet.

skirt #2

Sewn from Simplicity pattern 5505. Used thrifted sheet and fuschia bias tape. Same sheet and bias tape as this bag. (I promise not to use them together.)

another apron

No pattern. The front pocket opens from the sides (in "muff" fashion) to hold things like clothespins, miscellaneous toys, etc., and is sewn up from the bottom about 2 inches so nothing falls out! (Interfaced the pocket for a little sturdiness.)

a skirt

for after the baby is born. Simplicity pattern 5505. Simple A-line skirt with elastic waist. Sewn from thrifted sheet (from which I've also made some tote bags). The pattern claims it is a "2-hour skirt," but it took much less time than that. Only about 40 minutes (so I've sewn two more).