Friday, December 01, 2006

baby shoes

Little cloth baby shoes from this free pattern. They are lined with soft, baby-blue flannel. The pattern calls for bonded fleece/suede. I bought some, but it was funky red with black paisley. I couldn't find any fabric to 'match' it from my stash, so I used the polka dots for the bottom and the flannel for the sole lining. Embellished with a baby blue button. (Uses very little fabric.)

Note: If not using the bonded fleece, put sole and sole lining wrong sides together. When pinning (and sewing) the sole lining will be down and the "outer" sole will be face up (right side up). And I used interfacing on all pieces.

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Joy Morykon said...

i love these! i've been wanting to make some shoes for my baby girl Thanks so much for posting the pattern!