Monday, June 26, 2006

green and hot pink bag

Sewn from this thrifted sheet with hot pink bias tape trim and handle. (Interfaced exterior.) I've been loving these bags, and I tried to mock the shape and idea. The handle is a little flimsy (just bias tape), but I like the bag. I used a vintage button for decoration on the front. There is no closure and it is deep enough that I don't think things will "pop" out. Lined with thrifted yellow sheet and has a pocket (made of exterior fabric).

Saturday, June 24, 2006

more capris

More capris for Spenser. Sewn from more clearanced fabric that I bought over the weekend. Yellow with pink flowers.

Wee Bunny

A Wee Bunny from this free pattern. Made of leftover pink flannel and new "vintage" fabric that was bought on clearance. The bottom has a beanbag stuffed with lentils to help her stand.
And Spenser is holding it high so everyone can get a good look!

Friday, June 23, 2006

an outdoor pillow

An outdoor pillow for the rocking chair on my deck. It was Martha's idea.
Used a vinyl tablecloth from Target ($2.99) and stuffed with polyfill. I originally intended to use a pillow form (14" x 14"), but I sewed the opening too small to fit the pillow in without tearing the vinyl, so I stuffed it instead.
Super quick and easy. I'm talking, like, less than 10 minutes (including measuring, cutting, sewing, reinforcing seams, trying to shove a pillow form in a small hole, trying to rip out some stitches only to realize the vinyl was tearing, going into the next room to retrieve the stuffing, stuffing the pillow, sewing the opening shut). Whew! I'm tired!
update: it unexpectedly rained last night and the pillow's batting stayed dry! and it was very comfortable to sit on the rocking chair today.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

a shoulder bag

Sewn from thrifted sheets (and using a vintage button closure). Made from this tutorial. Quick and easy!
update: I did use interfacing on the exterior.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

more capris for Spenser

These turned out a little better than the last. No official pattern. The fabric is a sweet light blue with blue and pink roses and pink rosebuds. Very sweet.

Friday, June 16, 2006

capris and a bag

Capris and a matching bag for Spenser. Sewn from a thrifted sheet. Capris were traced from an existing pair of pants and shortened in length. Bag is lined with fuschia lining (left over from my zebra coat) with a cotton cord handle.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

tissue holder

Tissue holder made to hold the pocket-size tissue pouch. Sewn from a handkerchief and lined with white and black polka dot fabric. Interfaced the handkerchief for a little more stability.

baby kimono

Little baby kimono sewn from a vintage pattern. The exterior is pink flannel and is lined with something pink and silky (I don't know what it is called), and has a vintage button closure.


An apron for a gift. Sewn from thrifted sheet, with pocket from pillowcase and vintage button.

scalloped-edged apron

First attempt at the scalloped hem. Our internet went out during the process, so I couldn't refer back to the instructions, so I proceeded by memory. Apparently pregnancy brain kicked in. The scallops are a little pointy. However, I changed a little something from the tutorial. I used a little bit of "heat 'n bond" or "witch stitchery" along the hem to keep the hem up.

Again, sewn from a thrifted sheet, with a vintage button on the pocket.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

an apron ... for me

My first attempt at an apron without a pattern (I need patterns!). Sewn from thrifted sheets and pillowcases, adorned with a vintage button. Sewn pocket on an angle similar to these cute pockets. (I know the apron looks wide, but remember, I am 6 months pregnant! It fits me now!!!)

Tips: The bottom hem of the apron was the bottom hem of the sheet (one less thing to press and sew!). Also, the tie was made from the top hem of the sheet. I folded it in half, pressed it, and then tucked in the one raw edge. It's a great thickness and one less thing to measure and cut out.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

a triangle bag

This was an experiment. Please do not judge me...
I wanted to try something different than my regular bags, hence this triangle bag. It needs work. The handle is a little wider than I wanted. I sewed the two-tone handle on the wrong way. The bag is not as deep as a mom needs. I will attempt again in the near future.
Made from thrifted sheet (exterior) and fabric scraps (lining).


From the great headband tutorial. Easy to make. Made from scraps of thrifted pillowcases. I have since made 3 more (1 for myself and 2 for Spenser, except I've been struggling with correct size for her...) . I need tutorials/patterns. I can't do it alone!
Also another fabric flower made from scraps of a thrifted sheet.

Friday, June 02, 2006

polka dot bag

Exterior is black with white polka dots (interfaced). Lining is white with black polka dots. Black with white polka dot pocket on inside. Embellished with a fabric flower with a red, fabric-covered button. Red rickrack trims top, but was supposed to be sandwiched between the exterior and interior. I was distracted, so I sewed it along the top instead.